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NEWORLEANS- They're finishing the floats for the Krewe of Argus parade that rolls on Mardi Gras Day. In the den, is a special float that will carry members of the military who have served in war zones like Afghanistan.

'Some of these young guys, I mean they've been over there two or three times. One of them we had one year had four,' said Bob Moreau, Treasurer of Chapter XXX of the Special Forces Association.

Chapter XXX, the local branch of the Special Forces Association and Argus are hosting 20 combat veterans in the Mardi Gras Day parade.

'It's a tremendous honor,' said Rob DeViney of the Krewe of Argus about having the heroes in their parade. 'To roll down Veterans Highway on Mardi Gras Day, Bill, and see the crowd's reaction to the special forces troops that are riding on this float, it's amazing.'

'You can't describe it, you just can't describe it at all,' said Moreau.

It costs Chapter XXX of the Special Forces Association about $20,000 for the Mardi Gras project.

But this year they've only been able to raise about $12,000. So the key need right now is donations of beads, new beads, because they certainly don't want these guys to run out halfway through the route.

'Minimum number of beads for one of them to throw is 2500,' said Moreau. 'But at 20 honorees as we call them, that's 50,000 throws. Right now we have I'm thinking somewhere around 15.'

Donations will help service members bring smiles to others.

'You like to see the kids smile,' DeViney said. 'That's why these guys need some beads. They do, they really do.'

'They're saying that we love you, and we support you, and we appreciate what you do for our country,' said Moreau.

For details about donations of new beads, or funds to buy beads, call the Krewe of Argus at 885-3717, or visit the Chapter XXX Special Forces Association website at

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