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ST. TAMMANY - The situation in front of a Madisonville convenience store Saturday is still tense to even watch through cell phone video. But Deputy Glynn Revere was the one less than 20 feet from 34-year-old Jonathon Nall as he screamed with a gun to his head.

He said, 'That was definitely not the plan, but that's how it turned out so I had to do what had to be done at the time.'

The sheriff's office car behind Nall is Revere's, which he tried to use to block Nall from crossing the street toward the gas station. When that didn't work, Revere placed himself, closely, between Nall and dozens of people, both inside and out, of the store.

'Scared, nah,' he said, 'I was a little uptight, yea I was nervous. But I wasn't thinking about being scared. Thinking about doing the job I was tasked to do.'

That was to make sure everyone walked away from the situation alive and well. After two and a half hours, that's what happened, and Nall's gun was discovered unloaded. But since then, the search for Nall's girlfriend, 26-year-old Melinda Denny has turned up nothing. Yet, Nall's family praised the sheriff's office for the work they did with their loved one and the work continuing now for Denny.

Sheriff Jack Strain said, 'When you watch that video, and many of us would have thought I would never do that, but when you're charged and under oath sworn to do it and you summon the courage to do it, the families recognize that.'

Revere takes no credit.,

'That's the job I signed up for,' he said, 'That's what I was trained to do. That's what I'm gonna do.'

Authorities are asking for any information about where the couple may have gone before Nall's standoff. Call the Sheriff's Office at 985-809-8200 with any tips.

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