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From the front, a stately three story Broadmoor house looks like it could be in a movie. But the side looks more like a disaster blockbuster, as a large section of the wall is pulling away from the structure, and appears ready to fall.

'We feel it is very dangerous,' said neighbor Jim DuMouchel. 'I've had policemen and firemen sort of randomly drive by when we were out in the yard playing with our kids, and they were genuinely concerned.'

There is debris on the ground from parts of the wall that have already fallen, and more sections are detaching next to the sidewalk.

'I could walk this way with my kids, but I won't,' Jim said. 'I'll go in the street just because, you know, it seems like any time it could come down.'

The city's Blight Status website shows it came to their attention in 2012, and serious problems were found a year ago, with a guilty judgement issued last May.

'It's definitely dangerous,' said Jim. 'There's been rodents. I know one of the neighbors, she said she saw some transient, a person coming in and out when it was colder weather. There's defintely, we've seen plenty of raccoons, and things like that.'

Maybe this isn't the best place to park a car, because if this structure does start to come down, who knows how much of it will fall off. So I contacted the Mayor's Office, and the city's Department of Code Enforcement, asking them to take the steps necessary to protect this neighborhood.

'I think it will be huge,' said Jim. 'We've been here for a long, time, and in certain areas, certain streets have sort of come along a little bit farther than ours has, and I think this building is probably one of the reasons.'

A spokesman for the mayor said inspectors are looking into this. I'll let you know what happens.

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