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NEW ORLEANS -- St. Patrick's Day revelers filled the streets of the Irish Channel as the party got under way.

Tracey's bar and Parasol's came together to help spread the luck of the Irish.

Like all block parties, this one came equipped with all the St. Paddy's flair: Green attire, plenty of dancing, and of course green beer.

People come every year and said it seems to grow each time.

Pete and Helen Drago did an Irish jig as the music kept the crowd moving. Pete's ensemble has been in the family for at least 50 years. His wife said she had to step up her flair to keep up with Pete's sparkling suit.

'We decided it is always more fun to do St. Patrick's Day all in green, and when they gave him the suit, I had to have me something,' Helen said.

Peter said, 'The cold weather can't keep us away. Oh no. This is my second home.'

Some people called off of work, as this day is a tradition to celebrate. Mark Duplessis plans to stay until the party ends.

'We are just having fun, brotherhood, and friendship. I mean everyone is having a good time down here. This is the one day of the year everyone can come down here and be Irish, even though everyone isn't Irish.'

And there are plenty of other St. Patrick's Day celebrations going on around town.

In Mid-City, Finn McCool's is hosting its 11th annual St. Patrick's Day party from noon to midnight.

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