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NEW ORLEANS -- Detectives are searching for the gunman who opened fire on another car driving along Earhart Boulevard on Thursday.

Police say a toddler and her father were hit by gunfire during the brazen daylight shooting, leaving community members in shock.

'It's around the time when they're getting off from school, you know. The people who are shooting out here they need to stop it,' said Hollygrove resident Charlene Parker.

A hail of gunfire pummeled this silver Buick bringing traffic along the busy Earhart Expressway to a grinding halt.

Police responded to shots fired just before 4 p.m. Thursday, discovering two passengers in the car hit by gunfire.

'A silver-colored SUV pulled alongside and opened fire,' said NOPD spokesman Officer Frank Robertson.

Detectives spent nearly two hours combing the area for clues, collecting bullet casings and a spent magazine from the scene.

The NOPD says a toddler between the ages of two and four was hit in the arm; her father, a 26-year-old unidentified man was hit in the side of his body. Police say both are expected to be OK.

'We've lost the ability to control gun violence, and it's inevitable that anybody can become a victim at any given time at any given place,' said Tamara Jackson, executive director of Silence is Violence.

The community activist says children across the city continue to get caught in the crossfire. She is relieved to hear there wasn't another young victim at this latest shooting. Jackson stresses it's time for those involved in criminal activity to wake up.

'What's important is that the individuals who are the intended targets of these crimes be mindful of their behaviors and how their lifestyle choices endanger their children and their family members,' said Jackson.

While detectives work to solve this latest case, one Hollygrove resident is disheartened to see how reckless those pulling the trigger have become.

'All I know is this is New Orleans and a bad generation we're living in. It's good on one end and bad on the other,' said Parker.

If you caught a glimpse of the silver SUV speeding away or can help detectives solve this case, call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

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