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NEW ORLEANS -- The Special Olympics games kick off at Kings Grant Park as student athletes sprint for a ribbon.

This year brought out the best and brightest like, Rhiannon Allemand, and her father, Troy says he couldn't be more proud to see her compete.

'It is really fun seeing all the kids come out here and compete to have fun,' he said. 'That is what it is all about you know? Just having fun.'

Hundreds of student athletes trained for this moment as they take to the track hopeful for a win.

For many, the competition is just one aspect of the games.

Organizers say it also helps with social behavior, friendships, and teaches the student athletes how to work as a team.

Maxine Doucet, an event administrator, said, 'The kids show other people they can do what other people do and they can accomplish whatever they put their minds to if they really want to.'

Ann Hulse with the Special Olympic said, 'It is a big moment and for a lot of them it is the only athletic competition they can compete in. They get out here and try their best. They do everything from softball to bean bag throws. Some are doing shot put later on.'

This is one of several special Olympic track meets that will take place over the next few weeks and all the winners received ribbons.

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