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BATON ROUGE, La. Opponents say it is too much Federal involvement in the classroom, while supporters say it is a way to make sure Louisiana students are making the grade, and Wednesday, Louisiana lawmakers will debate the positives and negatives of the Common Core standards in Baton Rouge.

Louisiana is one of 45 states that have adopted the academic standards, and the Louisiana House Education Committee is holding a hearing to look at bills that would repeal or revamp the new standards for reading, writing and math, for students in Kindergarten through High School.

Currently, the issue is to see whether Common Core is a resourceful option for students in Louisiana.

Since being adopted in 2010, Common Core has faced some challenges as well as changes.

Originally, the idea was an attempt at making education in America more competitive world-wide, as well as brining all schools in the United States up to the same standards nationally.

In 2013 the State Board of Education changed Common Core regulations, giving the schools more decision making power on what materials and curriculum were taught to students.

One major problem with Common Core, according to a new study, is that while most Americans, nationally and locally, have heard of the standards, few people are really familiar with what they mean.

The survey, conducted by Public Policy Research Lab, showed that 49% of those questioned about Common Core had little, if any, familiarity with the actual education plan.

Now educators and lawmakers want to repeal Common Core altogether, or change major components as a part of education reform.

Supporters of Common Core say the higher standards will make Louisiana students more competitive, and prepare them better for college. However, opponents call the move too much Federal control in the classroom, without local input on the curriculum.

State legislators are expected to bring up the issue in the House Education Committee meeting, which begins at 9 a.m. at the State Capitol.

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