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NEW ORLEANS -- The Orleans Parish Coroner's office has identified the victim of a murder that took place in the 2000 block of S. Liberty Street in New Orleans Wednesday night.

She was identified as 59-year old Brenda Hal.

Hal's case is the third murder of a woman in the Central City neighborhood since Saturday.

On April 12, police say Lanisha Scott was gunned down near the intersection of Dyrades and Washington. Two days later on April 14, Raquelle Guillory was found shot multiple times in the 2300 block of Josephine Street.

A woman, who said she was inside the Liberty Street home where Brenda Hal was murdered, said Hal was simply visiting the home. The witness, who did not want to be identified, said Hal's husband had just returned from the store.

Shortly after, the witness said she heard a car pulling up. Gun shots followed.

'He (Hal's husband) said get down. He and I are the on floor, and I'm wondering why Brenda is not on the floor. And I found out why when she finally hit the floor, blood was everywhere,' said the witness.

On Thursday afternoon, police were back at the scene on South Liberty Street. At least two bullet holes could be seen on the front facade of the house.

A neighbor characterized those responsible for the recent killings as 'cowards.'

'It makes us want to move from here. It makes us fearful, for ourselves, for our children,' said one mother who did not want to be identified.

Just down the street stands New Hope Baptist Church, Pastor Jamaal Weathersby assumed his current role at the church last year. He said while the murder of the three women may have taken place in Central City, such violence should not be considered as isolated.

'When things aren't going like they're supposed to go in the community, everybody suffers. So it may be a woman this time, it may be a child next time, it may be me. So everybody should be concerned about this,' Weathersby said.

The New Orleans Police Department has not released much information regarding the three murders. Police have made no mention about a connection among the three murders.

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