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NEW ORLEANS -- Geraldine and Robert Starks' New Orleans East home is a construction site, and that is the best news for them.

It means they'll be coming home this August, ending nine years in limbo since Hurricane Katrina.

'Ohhh, I can't wait to get in my door, to feel safe,' Geraldine said.

The St. Bernard Project is completing the repairs on their home, training a team of Americorps members in the skills needed to repair hurricane-damaged houses.

Navy veteran and Chalmette native Corey Rowan is finding a new mission at the St. Bernard Project.

'Giving back to the community of New Orleans where I grew up, is just, it makes me feel better about myself,' he said. 'Seeing the city still in the same condition that it's in, we need more people to really give a hand.'

The St. Bernard Project has rebuilt 547 homes since Katrina, but there are still so many waiting for help.

'Bill, we have more than 100 clients on our waiting list, and we're getting 10 or more applications every week,' said St. Bernard Project Founder Zack Rosenburg. 'The average age of people seeking our help is 62 years old.'

So the St. Bernard Project needs support in two ways.

'And at this point in the recovery, we need New Orleans to help us finish the job,' Rosenburg said. 'We need volunteers and funds to complete the recovery.'

'We have a lot of clients who still need to come home, and 'Give NOLA' Day is a chance for us to get New Orleans to invest in our own community, to bring back our neighbors, to bring back our family members,' said St. Bernard Project Development Director Kristen Lennard.

'I don't know what to say,' homeowner Robert Sparks said thankfully. 'I wouldn't have made it. I know I wouldn't, without their help, which we're getting right now.'

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