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NEWORLEANS-- A man wanted for in connection for the murder of a Jefferson Parish woman and her unborn child is in custody in Lafourche Parish.

Jefferson Parish deputies say Katherine Martinez was stabbed and strangled by a former boyfriend who confessed to the crime.

Our camera was rolling when Emilio Calderon was taken in by JPSO detectives on Wednesday afternoon. According to investigators, the 29-year-old dated the expectant young mom on and off, even stalking her on social media websites.

Calderon was taken into custody in Lafourche Parish and transported to Jefferson Parish Wednesday afternoon.

'He had created a fictitious name to try and gain knowledge about her whereabouts and what she was doing on a daily basis through the social networks,' said Sheriff Newell Normand during a news conference.

Wearing an orange shirt and shorts, Emilio Calderon did his best to avoid the cameras waiting outside JPSO's Criminal Investigations Bureau in Harvey.

According to Calderon's Facebook page, the 29-year-old is a shipyard worker in Larose.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office said he was picked up from work by detectives and when questioned admitted to stabbing and strangling Martinez inside her Gretna apartment on Saturday.

He told investigators they had gotten into a fight that turned violent.

A spokesman said that Martinez had been dead for 12 hours.

The 23-year-old college student's body was discovered by family members early Sunday morning when Martinez did not pick up her mom from the airport. The expectant mom was in her third trimester. Investigators say her pregnancy may have been a motive.

'He gained knowledge of the pregnancy, communicated with family members and learned from them he wasn't the father of the child. Their appreciation of his reaction was that he was angered by that happenstance,' Normand said.

Calderon faces second-degree murder and first-degree feticide charges.

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