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NEWORLEANS-- Mayor Mitch Landrieu made a call for the end of violence on the streets of America at a speaking event Saturday night in Aspen.

Landrieu made the remarks during a speech at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

'The big idea that has come to our attention is simply stated as this,'Landrieu said, 'we have to end violence on the streets of America as we know it, especially murders that are occurring every day between African-American boys and men who are being killed at catastrophic numbers that for some reason we don't really see.'

Landrieu said that since 1980, 626,000 people have lost their lives in America, more than all of the U.S. citizens lost in all the wars of the 20th century.

'Cities, which most people are living in now, can never really become what they want to become if the people aren't safe, because if you don't have safety you don't have peace, and if you don't have peace you don't have freedom.

'America can't be strong abroad if it's not strong at home, and it certainly can't be peace abroad if there isn't peace on the streets of America.'

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