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NEWORLEANS-- At first glance, the plywood indicates something is amiss at 59 Designz Beauty and Body, on the corner of Louisiana and LaSalle.

But inside, the damage is evident and extensive.

Owner Cleaster Pinkney said she didn't believe how it got that way until she was called around 11 p.m. Sunday night to see it with her own eyes.

'They said that the police cruiser was idled at the red light on Louisiana side and made a right turn and then attempted to reach for his clipboard and jumped the curb and ran into the building,' she said.

The owner said NOPD has done two things so far. First, they put a unit outside of the business, but that didn't happen until 2:30 a.m. Then, they put up plywood, which is a little thin and a little unsecure, and that didn't happen until 7 a.m.

'Now my main concern in loss of business and vandalism because I've already had several people this morning come out and survey the plyboard they left us with,'Pinkney said.

That loss of business is significant, she said, because the salon was booked solid this week in preparation for Essence Festival.

'The hair stylists, they've scheduled clients, they had to cancel their clients this morning,' said Pinkney. 'So it's not just a loss of business for myself, but for the hair stylists as well.'

More than re-opening quickly, Pinkney said she just wants NOPD to do the right thing.

'At least accept responsibility for what has happened and offer to rectify the situation. We weren't even offered to pick up the rubble or clean up the damage at all.'

She's hopeful to see that happen sooner rather than later. So far, NOPD has only said that no one was injured in the incident and it remains under investigation.

Police did admit the officer was distracted when he lost control of the unit and hit the building.

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