KENNER, La. - Steve Caraway finished packing up personal items in his office, and said it is time for him to retire.

'I'm in a good place,' said Caraway. 'Like I said, I've worked with the greatest bunch of men and women in the Kenner Police Department.'

Caraway said he always wanted to be a cop.

'I was too young to become a police officer, and I served in the Marine Corps for three years as a military police officer,' said Caraway.

In 1977 he began working his way up the Kenner Police ranks. He has fond memories of his days as a patrolman in the oldest section of Kenner, and he knew those he protected.

'You employed foot patrols as well as motor patrols, so you know you'd get out, and talk with people,' said Caraway. 'You'd visit friends.'

It was old style policing compared to officers today who rush from one call to the next. Being chief required a new set of skills.

'The law enforcement, that's easy. When you do it as long as I've done it, that's easy. It's the politics side of it that's difficult.'

Tuesday, there will he a new name when Michael Glaser becomes police chief. He's a 24-year veteran of the Kenner Police Department, but Steve Caraway says Glaser will face challenges, especially at budget time.

'My budget over 8 years has pretty much been a stand still budget.'

And criminals have changed.

'I think we're seeing more dangerous criminals today, people that really have a total disregard for any form of authority.'

Caraway said he plans to spend time with family, and do some fishing, but...

'I hope to stay involved in the community,' Caraway concluded. 'Will I do something down the road, who knows?'

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