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NEW ORLEANS - He passed away doing what he loved. It has been a year since radio host David 'Kidd Kraddick' Cradick died of a heart attack at a fundraising event for his charity in New Orleans.

This year's annual golf tournament made for an emotional reunion for those continuing his dream.

'It's very emotional for us,' said golf tournament fundraiser founder and organizer Charles Hartzog. 'That's one of the things I told Kidd last year when he got off the bus. I started to tell him about how much we appreciate him coming and then he just grabbed me and he wraps his arms around me and says, 'You ain't gotta tell me. I get it.''

For the first time in its four years, the legendary radio personality Kidd Kraddick was not here to attend the annual golf tournament that raises money for his beloved charity, Kidd's Kids.

It was during last year's event that Kidd Kraddick suddenly collapsed and died from heart disease at just 53 years old.

'The last thing he told me was that 'this is a good thing you and Mindi are doing. Please keep it going,'' said Hartzog, who started the fundraiser with his wife Mindi. 'And that's what we're doing.'

'This is a way for us to continue his legacy,' said Jeff Johnston, whose daughter is a Kidd's Kid. 'We knew how important this organization was to him and of course the kids and the families.'

That legacy is now living on through the kids he dedicated his life to helping.

'This year I was selling lemonade and my autograph to raise money for Kidd's Kids, so other kids could go to Disney World too,' said 7-year-old Rowan Windham.

Each year, Kidd's Kids sends dozens of chronically and terminally children to Walt Disney World in Florida.

Rowan raised $3,015 all on his own, so that another deserving child could have the same experience.

'So they can have a lot of fun there and just spend time with their family and have a nice time with their family,' Rowan said.

Those that knew Kidd Kraddick the best say continuing his work is the best way they could ever honor and celebrate his life.

'He would always say this was the best thing he did everyday,' said Executive Director of the Kidd Kraddick Foundation Derrick Brown. 'The radio show every morning was good, but every year the kid's trip and what he did for the foundation was the best thing he did everyday.'

Now, the hope is his love for kids will continue to inspire others to make his cause as memorable and successful as he was.

'He was a really inspirational man,' said Mindi Hartzog. 'What he has done with these Kidd's Kids over the years has inspired people such as ourselves and has given us the confidence to follow in his steps.'

The event raised $20,000 last year, and event organizers say their on track to double that amount this year.

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