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Faith Christian Academy in Marrero is now telling parents, the school is closing before the upcoming school year. Last month, school officials received a notice to vacate the premises.

The non-profit that owns the property, the Rev. Mansfield Thompson Educational Foundation gave the school just 5 days to get out.

'It was like unreal, unbelievable, that they would let us prepare to open and then send us a letter to close,' said faith Academy Co-Administrator Joycelyn Robinson.

Parent Ramira Williams is now scrambling to find a place for her child to attend classes before school starts next Friday.

'Everything right now, especially kindergarten, I mean you have to wait for a spot,' said Williams. 'I can't keep him out of school. It's a child. Education comes first.'

School officials say the notice to vacate caught them by complete surprise. They are hoping that the foundation allows them to remain open long enough for parents to pick of their children's records.

'These are people's livelihood, you didn't care where the people are going to go and get a job,' said Robinson. 'You didn't care where the students were going at. You just didn't care. You just decided to shut down the school.'

Last November, a state audit revealed the Rev. Mansfield Thompson Foundation may have mishandled or possibly misspent hundreds of thousands of dollars that were supposed to go to mentoring programs. The foundation's tax exempt status was revoked by the IRS last February for failing to file a Form 990 for 3 years in a row.

'At this point, I just want my money back,' said Williams. 'I paid $400 for registration and I'm getting the run around with that. I just want my money back.'

About 50 students attended Faith Christian Academy. The educational foundation's Chairman Rev. Wilbert Tross did not return our phone calls seeking comment for this story.

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