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The Houma Regional Military Museum museum just added a new building, doubling in size, the new space dominated by a World War II-era torpedo bomber dangling overhead. They needed the new wing.

'Well, we have over 8000 artifacts in our museum, so as you can see, we really needed our new facility, because we had really outgrown this one,' said the museum's Will Theriot.

The two wings are filled with planes, jeeps, cannon, uniforms, artifacts from several wars.

'We have a lot of World War II, World War I, Korean, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraqi artifacts,' said Theriot.

And here the artifacts are still in working order.

'We have a hands on museum, and the kids actually sit in the jeeps, and put the helmets on,' said Museum founder C.J. Christ. 'They actually get in the German motorcycle here.'

Among the volunteers are veterans, like Lloyd Geist, a World War II fighter pilot who supported ground troops at D-Day.

'I flew P-47 Thunderbolts on 68 missions,' Geist said.

In the middle of the museum sits a twin engine plane that carries six people. On the side is the presidential seal, because President Dwight Eisenhower was Passenger In Chief.

This is one of two Aero Commander aircraft that were the first presidential aircraft to be called Air Force One. The first to have the now famous blue and white color scheme. And this is the best seat in the house, the seat where President Eisenhower flew.

'We have a log on this plane for people to see,' said Theriot. 'This aircraft made a trip from Washington, D.C. to the president's farm in Gettysburg.'

'Oh it was so educational, we enjoyed it,' said Sherry Boudreaux, who was visiting the Museum with her family. 'I mean every age group, we enjoyed it.'

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