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NEWORLEANS- Family and friends of Daphne Cola gathered at City Church in New Orleans East to say goodbye to the mother of two killed weeks ago by a hit and run driver on an ATV.

Several family members and friends came out to support those closest to Cola.

In late July, surveillance video show captured an ATV slamming into a vehicle on Claiborne and rolling several times in the street.

This happened outside the Mother-in-Law Lounge which was a place Cola often visited with family and friends.

She was hit walking off a curb and the ATV hit Cola so hard, she went into a coma and never woke up.

Fatality investigators with the New Orleans police traffic division are working to identify the man behind the wheel of the ATV. There was also a female passenger they want to talk to.

Earlier this week the family urged the city to crack down on ATV's and catch those responsible.

Tiffany Cola, a sister of the victim said,
'They are made for off-road and wooded areas. They are not made for the streets.'

Driving ATV's in the city is illegal and the driver faces charges related to Cola
's death.
The family also has a fund set up at Capitol One Bank.

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