NEW ORLEANS - The NFL has cracked down on the 'virtual' commercial images that appear to be on the football field during preseason games and that means that local Cajun product company Slap Ya Mama will no longer be seen as the Saints enter the 'red zone' in local preseason broadcasts.

In particular the NFLseemed to be focused on the message that could be sent by the name Slap Ya Mama.

The company said that on Tuesday, August 19th, Marc Leunissen, Director of Sales, Cox Media Louisiana sent an email to the advertising representative for Walker & Sons, Inc., Slap Ya Mama Cajun Products, stating, 'In light of the domestic violence issues facing the NFL, they have instructed CST pull the Slap Ya Mama logo from our enhancements in the last game, Thursday, August 28...'.

The NFL sent a similar letter to outlets that broadcast preseason games, citing a concern over having locally-produced games and nationally produced contests looking too dissimilar and a concern that some of the products and messages aren't consistent with league standards.

The communication came from the NFL on Monday and the move came as a blow to Slap Ya Mama Cajun Products, which says this is the company's biggest advertising push of the year.

'Our fans are fanatics and big advocates of Louisiana food culture. Our Facebook page is active, with people sharing food ideas, recommending products to friends, and using it as a place to celebrate and share the incredible food culture we have here in Louisiana', said Jack D. Walker, Vice President of Marketing, Walker & Sons, Inc.

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