NEW ORLEANS -- One Lakeview neighborhood doesn't smell rosy these days, not since a 15 feet long by 3 feet wide hole was dug by the Sewerage & Water Board.

At the bottom, as deep as 6 feet down, is a broken pipe and a pool of brown, smelly sewage.

'It's unbelievable that they would actually allow something like this to happen in a nice area, and such a danger for kids, and for disease, and things that could be associated with that,' said Chad Howat, who is buying land next to the site. 'It's scary to realize that nothing gets done.'

Neighbors say the hole was dug at least a month ago, and left wide open.

'This back neighbor has complained many times to Sewerage & Water Board, and it's been just, 'oh, we're gonna get to it, we're gonna get to it,' but they never come out and do anything,' said Chad's father, Carl Howat, Sr.

But just a couple of blocks away is another problem. Water is pouring out from under the edge of a newly installed concrete sidewalk and forming a large pool in the street, so large it is flowing into two nearby drains.

'This leak's been out here for about two months, something like that,' said neighbor Montgomery Toye. 'I've called them a couple of times about it, but they never come and done anything about it.'

And between those two problems is a third, as there is another water leak forming a large puddle in the street next to a newly repaired corner.

'The water just continues to pour out into the drain, just completely wasted, sitting there,' said Chad Howat. 'It's just a shame that they allow that to happen.'

I'm contacting the Sewerage & Water Board, asking them to complete this repair job as quickly as possible. It's already been left like this far too long. Plus, I'm also asking them to take care of the two water leaks.

But those trying to build the new Lakeview say the lack of success in getting problems like this repaired adds to the frustrations of the recovery.

'There's leaks all in the other streets, all over the place, and it's just upsetting that you can't get anything done about it,' said Toye.

'Well, it's just a little scary that the city's not taking care of their people, you know,' said Carl Howat. 'Again, they're trying to get people back to New Orleans. How you gonna get them back if you don't take care of them?'

I'll let you know what happens.

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