The best thing about preseason games is looking forward to them because it means football season has arrived, the worst thing about preseason games is everything else.

I swear I'm like a bird repeatedly flying into a plate glass window when it comes to preseason games. Every year I count down the days until the Hall of Fame game, I get fired up to watch, and once the game starts five minutes into it I'm screaming, 'THIS. IS. AWFUL. Jon Kitna is still in the NFL? I can't believe I have to suffer four more weeks of this and what's wrong with Jerry Jones' face?'

This brings us to the Saints preseason opener in New England and me realizing for the 28th consecutive year I'll once again be disappointed by NFL exhibition football. Not this year people.

This year is different. This year I'm going to talk myself into caring about who will be Drew Brees' valet. Will it be Chase Daniels or Patrick Ramsey? My money is on Ramsey because Sean Payton loves his 2nd string QB to either be an old has been (see Brunell, Mark) or to be an old never was (see Martin, Jamie).

Ramsey fits into the second category and if he takes any meaningful snaps this season 2010 will be as big a disaster as 2009 was fantastic.

So I'm watching you Ramsey. Your inaccurate throws and inability to avoid getting sacked matter and if you can't get it done then it's off to that football league where Jim Haslett used to coach and is on channel 876 on my Direct TV!

This is serious business people. Not really. The Saints won the Super Bowl and until they start playing games that actually count they don't have any problems at all. Just admit the Saints could go 0-4 and lose by a combined score of 1298-2 and we would all say, 'Everything is fine. Nothing to see here move along please. I just don't think giving up 900 rushing yards in a preseason game is a problem. Your World Champion Saints are fine.'

As much as I want to I just can't bring myself to care who the Saints sixth receiver will be or whether P.J. Hill will be the fourth string running back. I believe preseason football only tells you if a team will have a great year(2009 Saints crushed teams and some people saw great things) or exhibition games show you how bad a team might be(Ditka's Saints teams). Usually though the preseason tells you nothing unless a team gets overrun by injuries. Sorry Denver.

I say I hate actually watching preseason games yet my eyes will see every second on my computer Thursday so I'm a total hypocrite. I hate preseason football yet can't wait for it to start.

The Hall of Fame game got a TV rating that will be higher than World Series games this fall.

America's football obsessed and it just helps validate my theory that if there is no football next September our country quite possibly could fall into complete chaos. Obama would probably have to step in.

No need to think negative thoughts because all is right with the world. The Saints are about to defend their World Title just don't tell me actually watching a preseason game is all that great.

(Ralph Malbrough is a Saints fan living in Houston. Email him at, find him on facebook, or listen to his Saints podcast at

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