METAIRIE, La. ― Sean Payton quickly denied a Thursday rumor that quarterback Drew Brees has been playing with a torn meniscus in his left knee.

'It's inaccurate,' Payton said. 'It's not right. Completely false.'

Kenny Wilkerson reported on local radio earlier this week that Brees suffered a 'fracture' in his knee and will have to have microfracture surgery after the season. Additionally, Wilkerson reported that he has a torn meniscus in the same knee.

'When I tell you this comes from an impeccable source, impeccable source, OK, that's where it comes from,' Wilkerson said on his radio show, adding that he trusted this source '100 thousand-trillion-million percent.'

Payton, though, not only said the report was wrong, but gave reasons showing why it wasn't correct.

'He's without the brace, sleeve or anything,' Payton said. 'He's off the (injury) list.'

When approached in the open locker room session with media Thursday afternoon, Brees joked about the report before saying that reporters see him every day working without a brace, which he hasn't worn in two games.

He also did jumping jacks in front of his locker and said he practiced drop-kicks during practice. When asked if he could do drop-kicks with an injured knee, he said he was '100 thousand-trillion-million percent' sure it would hurt if he did have an injured leg.

Brees played for three weeks after the Sept. 26 game against Atlanta with a brace on his left knee after suffering a sprained medial collateral ligament.

But he hasn't worn the brace for the past two weeks and finished the second half of Sunday's 20-10 win over Pittsburgh by going 20 of 22 with two touchdowns and 191 yards.

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