Ralph Malbrough / Contributing Writer

The NFL Players Association idea to have college players not attend the NFL Draft is a bad idea.

It's not a bad idea because it deprives college players of going to New York and hearing Roger Goodell sentence some poor soul to a career in Buffalo. It's a bad idea because the NFL Draft has absolutely nothing to do with the players and no one will care if they aren't there.

A draft without players shaking the commissioner'shand and giving awful interviews to Stuart Scott might actually make for better television. The draft is about size, 40 times, reach, difference makers and Mel Kiper's hair. Can you remember one memorable thing a Saints No. 1 pick ever said on draft day? Less boring player interviews more Mel Kiper screaming and more Mel Kiper's hair. YES PLEASE.

Will Smith did give a tearful speech so beautiful it was compared to Lincoln's Gettysburg address when he learned the Saints picked him. But Ralph what about the crowd going crazy when Ricky Williams got picked or when Reggie Bush got selected?

Great draft day memories and they had absolutely nothing to do with the players.

They happen even if Reggie would have been in Los Angeles or Ricky was in some hut in Australia smoking pot and writing poetry.

The NFLPA has this one completely wrong.

I wonder when they actually thought up this idea anyone in the room said the obvious, 'Guys fans could care less about players being at the draft. All they care about is who did my team pick and then talking about if the pick was any good.'

The NFLPA has floated the idea of having their own draft day ceremony where the players go on stage and shake hands with a current NFL player from the team that picked them. This idea is like Mardi Gras in Galveston. They swear to you it's the best and is like the real Mardi Gras only different. 'We got boats and stuff.' It's just like the real Mardi Gras except it's not and if you put Mardi Gras Galveston and Mardi Gras side by side one looks fantastic and one is Galveston.

It's been a pretty bad week for the players in their standoff with the owners.
Adrian Peterson compared NFL players to modern day slavery. He's completely right. I really think the Congress should step in and ban that sort of thing. It might even be worth fighting a Civil War over. Somebody please tell Adrian Peterson to stop talking so people won't realize how dumb he is.

Listen NFL players, I get the NFL owners are greedy. If my boss walked in to my office and said, 'I want you to take a huge pay cut.' I'd be ticked off too. The thing is I just don't care about your problems and care even less about listening to you ramble on and on about it. I just want football.

If you told we'd have an agreement tomorrow but the owners would totally shaft the players, I'd want it. If you told me we could have an agreement tomorrow but the players would win in court and the owners would all have one less yacht, I'd want it. And so would you.

The lockout has already ruined most of the offseason and all football fans have is the draft. We just want to see the Saints draft a linebacker we've never heard of and convince ourselves he's the next Pat Swilling. Whether the college players are in New York or not won't ruin our dreams. In fact it might make the NFLPA look weaker when the ratings for the Draft are the same and Patrick Peterson is on stage at Caesar's in Vegas shaking Kyle Orton's hand and pretending the NFLPA didn't turn the biggest day in his life into as big a joke as when my mom gave me President's Choice Nachos and told me they were exactly like Doritos.

The NFL Draft is about hope and has nothing to do with actual players. The NFL players union just doesn't want to believe it.

Ralph Malbrough is a Saints fan living in Houston. Email him at or find him on Facebook.

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