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Can computer technology help motivate you to get treatment to quit one of the deadliest addictions? Well a new study says for some it can. When women smokers inSwitzerland saw what could happen to their faces over the decades, a quarter of them said they were a lot more motivated to quit. Nearly 60 percent say they were a little more motivated to quit. Researchers say women seem to be affected on more of an emotional level rather than just an intellectual level of what smoking can do. ( Researchers usedApril Age Progression software tocreate the images.

You've heard of the benefit of polyphenols.They are in certain plant foods, red, purple and black fruits and vegetables and whole grains as well as tea,coffee, red wine,dark chocolate and cocoa powder.They are believed to help you live a longer healthier life,fighting all sorts of diseases. Well now a new study finds that they may also help with weight loss, without changing your diet and exercise. Researchers inJapan gave micepolyphenols from coffee with no caffeine and they were lighter and had less belly fat than the ones who didn't get it. People also burned more fat after eating and during exercise when they took 359 milligrams of thepolyphenols, the amount in one to two cups of decaf or regular coffee daily.

And finally,another reason to weight lift.Women with a high percentage body fat may have a higher risk of getting breast cancer. This is even if you're at a healthy weight and no matter if you are pre or post menopausal. Women with a high fat to muscle ratio had at leastthree times the risk of breast cancer.

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