James Brissette Jr., 17 killed

Ronald Madison, 40 killed

Susan Bartholomew wounded

Leonard Bartholomew III wounded

Lesha Bartholomew, 17 wounded

Jose Holmes, 19 wounded

According to a June 2010 story in New Orleans Magazine, James Brissette, Jr., an 11th grade student at Frederick Douglass High School, was classified as a 'gifted and talented' student based on testing in reading, English and the arts, said Daniel Abel, an attorney for his mother, Sherrel A. Johnson. In 2005, his goal was to join the Marine Corps, then still enmeshed in the war in Iraq. Brisette, who was 6 feet tall, but very thin, had made contact with recruiters who were working with him to build up his weight. Brissette was fatally shot on Danziger Bridge's pedestrian walkway.

Ronald Madison, who had a severe mental handicap, was attempting to flee the Danziger Bridge with his brother, Lance Madison. Ronald appeared to be injured and bleeding as when he was shot down by police officers. A police officer approached Ronald as he lay dying and kicked him several times. According to the feds, Ronald and his other brother Lance never fired at anyone. They attempted to cross the bridge in hopes of getting to their brother's dentist office and that's when they took on gunfire from police officers.

According to a story by the Times Picayune, the Bartholomew family -- Leonard Bartholomew III, his wife, Susan, and their daughter, Lesha -- jumped behind a concrete barrier with a relative, Jose Holmes. They were repeatedly hit by police bullets: Susan's right arm was partially blasted off, Lesha had four wounds, while Leonard was shot in the head, back and left heel. At the time of the incident, the Bartholomews, along with Holmes, Brissette and other relatives, were camped out at the Family Inn on Chef Menteur Highway. They said they were crossing the Danziger Bridge to get to the Winn-Dixie on the Gentilly side when police opened fire.

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