Welcome to our first edition of Who Helped Themselves, Who Didn't.

Glad you could join us.

We know the game was Friday and y'all were craving this on Saturday. But contrary to popular belief, I don't live at the Saints facility and sleep with my computer open.

In other words, the day off was grand, thanks for asking.

But we're back and Friday night left us with some indelible impressions of the Saints. Mostly good, too.

We won't break down the entire roster. Just some guys who we thought stood out for one reason or another. Important note: This is all from memory. We didn't break down the film of this game.

Joseph Morgan (WR)Helped himself. I probably don't have to write anything for this one. But Morgan has had a good camp and Friday's game will continue to help his cause to go from camp body to at the very least practice squad member. He's this year's Larry Beavers or Rod Harper. Lightning quick. Good hands and vision. The question in regard for his time in New Orleans is is there room on the roster. If he gets cut, he's likely to get picked up somewhere.

Courtney Roby (WR)Helped himself. Roby is a known entity here in New Orleans and yet, he might be in a tighter spot than last season. We know he can return. He's a standout on punt and kickoff. But Friday night, he was the man in the receiving game. He was targeted four times and caught all four passes for a team-high 42 yards

Tom Johnson (DT)Helped himself. This has been my dark horse to make the team since early in camp and he did nothing Friday night to dissuade me from thinking that. He had only one recorded tackle, but he was disruptive in the middle on third downs and showed good lateral movement.

Charles Brown (LT) Hurt himself. As Brown was the Saints' second-round pick in 2010, I don't suspect he's in trouble with the roster. He started training camp on the failed physical list and against San Francisco, was beaten off the ball and slow at times.

Robert Meachem (WR)Hurt himself. Do I honestly believe Meachem is in danger? Absolutely not. But for this little exercise, we're going to say he had a poor game. He had two drops one on a pass tipped by the cover man that a lot of top receivers catch. I expect him to be alright in the long run

Jon Stinchcomb (RT)Hurt himself. Stinchcomb is coming off of surgery in January to repair his left quadriceps so I expect him to slowly get back to himself. That said, I distinctly remember him having some issues off the edge Friday night. I'll be interested in seeing how he responds this week and on Saturday against Houston.

Adrian Arrington (WR)Hurt himself. For the one guy who everyone knew had to play well this preseason, by virtue of not being on the field Friday night means he hurt himself.

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