Head coach Sean Payton answered reporters' questions following Wednesday's workout in Oxnard, California. Among the topics, was a possible return trip to the Super Bowl.

Can you talk about what it takes to get to the Super Bowl?

'I think to get to that game you have to be a team that is opportunistic, you have to do very well in the turnover ratio as the season goes on, you have to win that, you have to have balance offensively, and there's a little bit of good fortune that takes place in regards to injuries, and you have to be very consistent week in and week out.

'If you go back to 2009, once that season got started, we were very consistent and there's going to be weeks when you fall behind and you have to have that resiliency to be able to come back when you're not ahead early because you play 16 games and there are going to be a number of times when you fall behind in games, and so how you handle that and us going to what we are now with the roster to becoming a team, all those things factor into that.'

From what you've seen from this team up to this point, do you think this team has a good of a chance as any to make it to the Super Bowl?

'I think you go into each season with that, and I think we have confidence and we understand how difficult that task is and yet we look forward to the challenge.

'We have enough guys that have had experience and played in that game and understand all the things that go into it, so I think there is a confidence level that we have in playing in that game and yet we understand how difficult it is to get there. We have a lot of work to do still. We still have two preseason games to play until we start the season and two weeks from tomorrow night is when we start the regular season so that's going to be on us pretty quickly.'

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