Doug Mouton / Northshore Bureau Chief

HAMMOND, La. -- Hammond Police arrested a man who detectives say contacted women through a hacked Facebook account, then eventually extorted them for sex.

Adam Kolb, 25, is in the Hammond Jail, arrested Monday for extortion.

'There are a lot of victims out there, female victims,' said Lt. Vince Giannobile of the Hammond Police Department, 'and we want them to come forward.'

Detectives said Adam Kolb hacked into a woman's Facebook account and then used that account to friend other women.

'He has done this numerous times,' Giannobile said. 'What we figured out now is, there's going to be numerous victims using this Facebook account.'

He would then call the women, investigators said, claiming to be a friend of that friend.

Kolb would develop relationships with the women, detectives said, and in some cases, he would go on dates with them.

'Somehow or another, he would take photographs,' Lt. Giannobile said. 'He would film them.'

In other cases, investigators said, Kolb would ask the women to send him explicit pictures of themselves.

Once he had the explicit pictures or videos, Hammond Police said, he would threaten to send them to family or employers if the women didn't agree to have sex with him.

The extortion charge stems from that demand. By Louisiana Law, extortion does not have to involve money.

In this case, police said, it was for sex, and investigators are not sure how many victims are out there.

'There could be up to 20 to 30,' Giannobile said. 'We're not really sure.'

'Especially college students, people who are younger,' Amber Narro said, 'they don't think about the things that they put online.'

Narro teaches Social Media classes in the Communications Department at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond.

Younger people are not as guarded on social media sites as they should be, Narro said.

'I am not surprised that he was able to find people,' Narra said. 'I'm not surprised that he was able to use, 'I'm a friend of your friend to get in touch with individuals.''

Hammond police arrested Kolb Monday at his home in the College Town Apartment on N. Morrison in Hammond.

On his computer, investigators said, they found hundreds of pictures and videos of potential victims.

If you can help investigators, you are urged to call Detective Edwin Bergeron of the Hammond Police at (985) 277 - 5741.

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