Bradley Handwerger / sports writer

METAIRIE, La. - Gregg Williams has watched the tape over and over and over and still can't find why Isa Abdul-Quddus was flagged for hitting a defenseless receiver in the Saints win over the Giants Monday night.

But that doesn't mean the Saints defensive coordinator won't be giving the rookie safety a hard time for it.

'We've been teasing Isa that if he made helmet-to-helmet contact, maybe he has a bobblehead and he has too big of a helmet on,' Williams said. 'That's what you want him to do. We coach the strike zone and where it's supposed to be.'

Quddus was called for hitting a defenseless receiver when he left his feet to hit New York receiver Hakeem Nicks hard. Nicks stayed on the turf for a period of time before getting up. The Giants scored later on the drive to cut into the Saints lead 21-10.

'It just is what it is,' Williams said. 'I feel for the officials when they have to make that call because they're doing their job too. It's unfortunate, but again the quarterback made a bad choice. He shouldn't have thrown the ball there.'

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