Eric Overmyer / 'Treme' Executive Producer

Can be made as individual mocktails or as a punch.

Brocato's Lemon Ice

Faux champagne

Rasberry syrup

Fresh rasberries

Lemon twist

Fresh rosemary sprigs

Fresh mint leaves


Add 2-3 scoops of Brocato's Lemon Ice to a goblet.

Pour faux champagne to fill about half the glass.

Splash in rasberry syrup to taste.

Garnish with fresh rasberries, lemon twist, and a sprig of fresh rosemary, or can I change my mind, fresh mint leaves.

Give it a few twirls before serving.


Add a quart of Brocato's Lemon Ice to a punch bowl.

Pour in 2-3 bottles of faux champagne - do whatcha wanna.

Add rasberry syrup to taste.

Give it a stir.

Garnish with fresh rasberries and fresh rosemary sprigs or mint leaves.

Serve in a punch cup with a lemon twist on the rim.

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