NEW ORLEANS -- Bill Ainsworth describes his brother, Mike, as a loving father -- a man who often put others first.

'He was a really good person all the way around,' Ainsworth said. '(He was) a christian, helped anybody in any way possible.'

Wednesday, that selflessness cost 44-year-old Harry 'Mike' Ainsworth his life, as he rushed to the aid of a woman who was being carjacked.

Police said the attacker managed to get inside the woman's car, and, when Ainsworth jumped onto the hood of the vehicle to intervene, the suspect opened fire.

It all happened with Mike's two sons looking on.

'His two boys were with him, getting ready to get on the school bus, 9 and 10 years old, and pretty much saw what happened, and they ran down and sat with him until somebody showed up. They were there with him when he passed. It's gonna be hard on them,' said Bill Ainsworth.

It's a loss for the entire Algiers Point neighborhood, where Ainsworth was well-known as a construction worker, a great friend and an all-around nice guy.

'Always happy, hard working man, always had his two children with him, a very doting father. You saw the man, you saw the two boys. It's just horrible. Horrible,' said neighbor Amy Duplessis. 'Out of anybody it could've happened to, for it to happen to a man like that, it's just devastating.'

At the scene, police combed for clues, while neighbors tried to cope with what they were witnessing.

'Algiers has always been known as a close family neighborhood, so for things like this to happen, in this neighborhood, is shocking and it's a tragedy,' said Raynelda Robinson.

It's a crime that has left an entire community shaken and three children without a father.

Family members said Ainsworth leaves behind his two boys, his girlfriend, who is also the boys' mother, and a daughter who lives in Florida.

'They loved their dad and their dad loved them. That was his world, his family,' said an emotional Bill Ainsworth. 'I don't know what I'm gonna do without him.'

At the request of family members, donations can be sent to:

Whitney Bank Algiers Branch
501 Verret Street
New Orleans, LA 70114

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