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ALGIERS, La. - Neighbors said a particular Algiers home has been abandoned for at least a decade.

'They got four trees holding it up, two on the other side and two on this side, and that's the only thing holding it up,' said neighbor Charles Thomas.

'They got children play around here,' worried Thomas. 'They got some little inquisitve children..It'll fall right there on their head.'

So, why hasn't the city demolished a house that has become so fragile it looks like I could pull it apart by hand? I'm actually afraid to touch the wall for fear of how much of the house would come down if I did. I've been emailing the city time and again, up to every single day, asking them where does this project stand? I finally heard back, they said this is on the demolition list, but now they're waiting for permission from the state Office of Historic Preservation.

The doors to the house are still wide open, and neighbors report rats and snakes migrating to their properties, but they only saw the city take one step after the first Action Report.

Over the last month, the house has visibly deteriorated.

My first visit here was in late January, and at that time, I asked the mayor's office to order an emergency demolition, because the back wall is falling down, and the garage is half collapsed.

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