LINKEDINCOMMENTMORE's Ashley Fox said Benson should strongly consider firing Sean Payton and Gregg Williams.

Peter King of says, like most, that the league will hammer the Saints to send a message. He also harkens back to all of the late hits Brett Favre took in the NFCChampionship game in 2010. He also says the NFLhas to send a message about safety and he uses Steve Gleason - as an example. A long, and interesting read.

Don Banks of CNNSI, says Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis are most to blame in this fiasco.

Joe Posnanski of CNNSI also says that bounties are a big deal.

Michael McCann, a sports law columnist for, says there could be legal implications to bounty gate. questions head coach Sean Payton's association with a convicted felon and says he may be behind a lot of the bounty issues.

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