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NEW ORLEANS -- Across the city Sunday, some people celebrated Easter through song, while others used solemn prayer and reflection.

Either way, a common theme seemed to connect the wide-range of events.

'The message that I think we really need to hear in the city of New Orleans is that there is hope,' said Archdiocese of N.O. Archbishop Gregory Aymond.

Sunday, Aymond presided over services at St. Louis Cathedral. There, overflow crowds listened to his Easter message -- one that focused on the importance of faith in overcoming the many challenges facing the city.

'As we know, in the city of New Orleans right now, there is darkness, but we cannot be hopeless,' Aymond said. 'So, we must continue to pray and to work for this new battle of New Orleans, that we can win this battle against murder and violence and racism.'

Meanwhile, on the West Bank, a similar message was delivered in a celebratory fashion, as Household of Faith church gathered for an outdoor service filled with song and prayer.

'We pray every morning at 6:00 for our city and believing that the violence will reduced, believing that the souls will be saved, that lives will be changed, and as we come out and let the people know what Jesus has done, it opens up that door,' said Pastor Antoine Barriere.

Back in the French Quarter, another Easter tradition continued Sunday afternoon, as the Chris Owens Easter Parade rolled down Bourbon and Decatur.

Large crowds lined the streets to get a glimpse of the colorful floats and costumes.

For Brooke Farrenkopf, a Tulane student from Orange County, Cali., it was the perfect way to spend the day with her family.

'The floats were pretty. They were all so nice, throwing beads, just yelling,'Happy Easter,' just kind of that New Orleans spirit,' she said.

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