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METAIRIE, La. -- Metairie neighbor Sam Garza and his wife are the only ones on their block now recycling their household goods.

'We only have one earth and the landfills are getting fuller every day, and it's mostly cardboard, and it's just one small effort. That's all it is. It's our small effort.

The small effort will soon get a lot larger as Jefferson Parish restarts its own curbside recycling program.

Tuesday, Garza's neighbors all received shiny new 18-gallon recycle bins.

'It's been a service that has been sorely lacking since Hurricane Katrina and we're finally able to bring it back, so we're excited about it,' said JP Department of Environmental Affairs Assistant Director Katherine Costanza.

Starting in July, parish trash contractor Progressive Waste Solutions will pick up recyclables once a week. There is no additional cost to the homeowner.

'This is going to be paid for in the first year through money that's left in the garbage district fund balance,' said Costanza. 'In subsequent years the program is going to be paid from the recently renewed garbage district millage.'

Paper, cardboard, aluminum, steel and plastic will be accepted.

'All the material that you put out to recycle will be back in the market in 100 days,' said Progressive Waste recycling specialist Julie Tufaro.

For now, you won't be able to throw glass in the recycle bin. Progressive Waste says that's because there's really no market for it in Louisiana.

'It really doesn't make sense for us to accept it and ship it all the way to Texas,' said Tufaro. 'It wouldn't be feasible.'

Plastic grocery bags, styrofoam and aerosol spray cans are also on the not accepted list.

Back on the block, Garza hopes his neighbors put the recycle bins to good use.

'It will be nice because now everyone will be involved rather than just us,' he said.'

If you live on the east bank of Jefferson Parish, your recycling will be picked up on your first garbage collection day each week.

Recyclables will be picked up on the West Bank on the second garbage collection day of the week.

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