High gusting winds and well above average tides forced me, Captain Jonathan Sanchez of Reel Excitement Charters and three members of the Tangi Chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association to cancel our plans to fish for speckled trout in Breton Sound and head for the protected marsh ponds deep in the Biloxi Marsh.

Using live and dead shrimp under a shallow rigged popping cork we found everything from undersized nine inch reds up to some 26 inchers at every stop we made.

The secret to finding the reds was to cast right up to the edge of the grass where the high tides had them pushed up on the bank in search of crabs, shrimp and other bait fish.

In a matter of a couple hours we had our 5 fish limits and the CCA guys had brought along their tagging equipment and we weighed, measured, tagged an released another half dozen or so.

Using the same technique we added some bonus black drum and a nice flounder.

Looks like the strong east and northeast winds will continue shutting down the great offshore fishing for red snapper, lemonfish and tuna.

Even trout fishing in the big open lakes and bays will probably be at the very least tough.

But the marshes are loaded with those redfish and black drum, so as I always say 'Take what Mother Nature gives' and this weekend it's the rat reds and puppy drum.

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