WASHINGTON A new building for the coroner's office and help shoring up some buildings on Tulane's campus will all come from $7.9 million in federal funding, it was announced by U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu and U.S. Rep. Cedric Richmond Friday.

The money is for hurricane recovery efforts in Louisiana with the grants being provided by FEMA.

A news release from Landrieu detailed the money to be spent, including:

- $1.9 million to the administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund for measures to protect the Wilson Athletic Center Facility, located on Tulane's campus, from future flood damage. The grant will fund the hardening of the facility's exterior walls, implement self-activating vehicular and personnel flood gates, and add pumps that will work to remove any water accumulation due to leakage or rainfall.

- $3.3 million to the city of New Orleans for flood damage to the Orleans Parish Courthouse building. The money allocated from the grant will go toward the relocation and construction of a new Coroner's Office and Morgue, which will be situated at a higher elevation. The Coroner's Office and Morgue was located on the first and second floors of the courthouse and suffered flood damage during Hurricane Katrina. The vacated areas of the courthouse will serve as open space once stabilized.

- $2.7 million to the administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund to repair the power plant located on Tulane's campus that sustained up to two feet of floodwater destruction during Hurricane Katrina. The power plant is the source of electrical power distribution, emergency power generation and temperature control for Tulane's facilities.

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