Hornets general manager Dell Demps spoke briefly with media following their two lottery picks. Here's what he had to say.

On whether he was shocked Austin Rivers fell to No. 10:
'I wouldn't say shocked, but hopeful. We were really hoping to get him. We really enjoyed him here on our visit. We also talked to him in Chicago. We've been following his whole career.

'We're very excited to bring Anthony and Austin to New Orleans. The great thing is they both want to be here.

On the youth of the two picks:
'I was just explaining that, talking to Mr. Benson. They're a little younger in basketball than when it comes to the pros in football. That's part of our development program. We think we've got a great staff. We're going to put them in an environment that's going to give them an opportunity to grow and develop.

On if Austin Rivers will be turned into a point guard:
'I'll leave that up to the coach. We've got a really good coach here. I hope you guys know that we're really lucky to have him. I think he's going to figure it out and put him in the best situation that's the best for the team. I'll let the coach handle that one. I've got ultimate faith in him.

On if he feels good about the development of the franchise after tonight:
'I feel really good. I think with Davis, defensive presence and his offensive upside is great. I think with Austin's play-making ability to go along with Eric, I'm hoping we're going to be really hard to guard and score on.

On whether he fielded any calls for a trade at No. 10:
'Um, you know some calls came in. But this is what we wanted

On move forward with Anthony Davis and Rivers as a tandem:
'I want to make sure that I say this Eric Gordon is going to be the leader of our team next year. We're hoping the young guys will follow his lead. We put the qualifying offer out to him today and we fully intend to sign him this summer.

'We don't want to put too much pressure on a young guy. We want to manage expectations. It would really help up us for you guys to understand, these guys are 19. They're going to take their bumps and bruises. We had some guys on our roster last year that took bumps and bruises. But we're just going to hope to grow.

'The whole goal is sustained success.

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