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NEW ORLEANS -- Local basketball fans and retailers are jumping on the Hornets fan frenzy with the recent drafting of Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers.

'It's a happy day for all of us,' said owner Tom Benson, welcoming both players to the team on Friday.

A day after the big news, Davis' jersey already is on sale at the New Orleans Arena. A Hornets spokeswoman said Rivers' jerseys have been ordered.

Ronald Fornerette Jr stopped by the arena on Friday afternoon 'to see if they authentic Anthony Davis jerseys.'

He's been a fan since the Hornets were in Charlotte and is happy to see a wave of new fans showing their support.

'There a lot of bandwagon fans but it's great for the city,' Fornerette said. 'I mean it's really a football city. With these picks, it will help the NBA basketball community come out.'

Across town at Fleurty Girl on Magazine Street, owner Lauren Thom is excited about the basketball buzz.

'I've been a Hornets fan,' she said. 'I've been going to the games. I'm so excited that this happened for us. It's the best thing that could have happened.'

The New Orleans entrepreneur is currently working on a T-shirt inspired by Davis' signature look.

'We do want to come out with a shirt to kind of celebrate Anthony Davis and he's recently trademarked some phrases for his unibrow,' Thom said. 'But there is one phrase that he did not trademark and it's 'Bow to the Brow' and we've been talking to the company that has the rights to it in Kentucky.'

As the frenzy reaches new heights, one veteran basketball fan hopes all the hype pays off.

'Everyone says we're in a rebuilding phase, but I really think we can make the playoffs this year,' Fornerette said.

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