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When I arrived for a second look at the 900 block of Philip Street three months after the initial Action Report, it was shocking to see the condition of the street. A large hump took up the middle of the driving lane, the top scraped bare, and surrounded by deep ruts.

'It's unbelievable,' Michael Pelias said. 'Now we have a pothole within a pothole.'

When we first visited in March, you could see the road was not in such bad shape then. But I did contact city leaders about repairing it. So did the neighbors, but nothing happened

'I've been in touch with the city,' Pelias said. 'I got bounced around (to) different agencies.'

'I can't believe the city has not repaired or done anything to this,' David Weick said. 'Somebody else is going to have a bad accident. It's going to be worse than what I had.'

Weick emailed me after his car hit the hump in March, which scraped a hole in his oil pan, an expensive repair job.

'It's a lot of money,' he said. 'A lot of money. $700 is a lot of money.'\

I helped David seek reimbursement from the city.

'They did make me go through a long process - three estimates, I had to get it notarized, etc,' Weick said. 'I followed through with everything. You even told me it would take 90 days, and it did. It took exactly 90 days. I did get reimbursed, partially, but not the full amount, but at least I came out on top.'

But what about the road?

So I had to get back in touch with the Mayor's office. I asked them why it has taken so long. It needs to be done ASAP.

They did. They came out with a work crew, they spread new asphalt, filled in the dips and smoothed out the lump.

And now thanks to the city, it's a much smoother ride down Philip Street.

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