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SLIDELL, La. -- Word is out about what some people call Slidell's best kept secret, and it's turning out to be a bad thing for the people who live near it.

Northshore Beach Park has become so popular, people say the small area ends up holding as many as 300 people on any given summer weekend day. Dozens of boats also anchor near the beach on a daily basis.

But homeowners in the Northshore Beach neighborhood say the booming beach is backfiring.

'The people are great, let them come out here, let them have fun, that's what life's all about, nobody minds,' said Homeowners' Association President Dianne Lipps. 'But we don't like the litter, we don't like the noise, we don't like some of the congestion when they park down the streets.'

Even outsiders who go to enjoy the beach say those same issues make them think twice about picking the park for a getaway.

'Beer bottles, weed smoking, loud music, curse music. You get a bunch of little kids out here. They don't need to be listening to that,' said Sergio Romero.

The St. Tammany Parish Council has heard the complaints and is planning some new rules for the park. It covers noise limits, glass and trash requirements, and pets and watercraft parking. All of those have a $100 punishment if not followed.

'We're just trying to make it easier for the people that live here and make it nice for everyone,' said Councilman Richie Artigue.

The St. Tammany Parish Council meets next Thursday to vote on the proposed rules.

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