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NEWORLEANS - The presidential candidates are now focusing on Louisiana. On Monday, Mitt Romney made a quick campaign stop in Baton Rouge, adding to the speculation that Governor Bobby Jindal may be his running mate.

Jindal skipped the National Governors Association's annual meeting last weekend so he could speak at the Nebraska GOP Convention in support of Romney.The governors' meeting focused on job creation and economic development.

Jindal denied being tapped as a possible VP candidate, but is expected to be on hand when Romney is in the capital.

Romney will make a luncheon appearance for major campaign supporters, but there are no public appearances scheduled.

On July 25, President Barack Obama will come to New Orleans to address the National Urban League Convention and attend a fundraising event at the House of Blues.

UNO political expert Ed Chervenak was asked why both men are targeting Louisiana at this point, especially since Louisiana is expected to be a Republican state.

'Usually you would think he [Romney] wouldn't come here, but obviously he is not going to take any state for granted, so he just needs to show up, and it is a good way for him to network with Republicans, because he is going to need their help if he is elected in November,' he said.

Chervenak said it was also important for Obama to have some face time in Louisiana.

'There was high turnout among African Americans in 2008. They seem to be a bit disappointed in the president. They're still emotionally invested in his presidency, and would like to see him succeed, so he's down here, I'm thinking, to reach this national audience, to boost that enthusiasm that he's going to need to win,' he explained.

But with Louisiana not considered to be a swing state, Chervenak predicted that there may be few more appearances by the presidential candidates during the fall campaign season.

Meanwhile, the fight over Romney's involvement with Bain Capital is heating up.

The president said he will not apologize to the GOP candidate for comments Democrats made about the controversial issue, and that Romney should take responsibility for what happened.

'No, we won't be apologizing. Sometimes these games are played during political campaigns. Understand what the issue here is. Mr. Romney claims he's Mr. Fix-It for the economy because of his business experience, and so I think voters - entirely legitimately - want to know, well, what is that business experience?' Obama said.

Romney said Obama is running an overwhelmingly negative campaign.

'The nature of our democracy has always been a little bit messy like this,' Obama responded.

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