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NEW ORLEANS -- After testifying for more than an hour inside federal court, Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma left court still not knowing if he'll be playing for the black and gold this season.

Vilma is asking for a temporary restraining order that would allow him to attend training camp while his lawsuit against the NFL moves forward. That restraining order remains up in the air.

'Perfect world that would have happened, but there is a lot for the judge to go over right now,' Vilma said. 'I'm definitely not going to try and rush her. Hopefully it's in my favor.'

Vilma, interim head coach Joe Vitt and six current or former teammates took to the stand Thursday, all denying the existence of a bounty system with the New Orleans Saints.

Sedrick Ellis was one of those Saints players who testified. He said he felt the need to support Vilma.

'When I first came to this league he helped me out, as far as where to line up,' Ellis said. 'He had to do my job telling people where to go, as as well as his job. I just wanted to do what I could, to help him in his cause today. I think it went really well. Hopefully we'll have him back on this team. We all want him and need him.'

After Thursday's practice, Vitt said the court proceedings didn't put a damper or negatively impact the first day of training camp.

'We knew this was coming,' Vitt said. 'Our players really look forward to being with their teammates. They missed a little bit of practice but they were here for testing sessions. They were late some. We anticipated that. They got 99 percent of the work they needed to get in today.'

As for the bounty allegations, Vilma who denies any wrong-doing is trying to take the higher ground.

'I don't think anything of Roger Goodell as a person. He's doing his job as commissioner,' Vilma said. 'He may have gotten the facts wrong, or someone led him wrong.'

The judge who listened to Thursday's testimony is expected to make a ruling in the next few weeks.

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