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RIVER RIDGE, La. -- Residents say Tullulah Avenue in River Ridge is a pleasant place to live, until there's a rainstorm. Neighbors say the street floods many times each year.

'I would say 10 to 15 times,' said Tullulah resident Jerry Cambre. 'It's frustrating. It really is.'

They say water gets into the lowest houses on the street.

'It floods every time it rains heavy. If you get over an inch of water, it floods, and the problem is the drainage,' said Tullulah resident Ray Riviere.

Parish officials agree, and say it is a problem common here and in other older sections of the parish where the drain pipes are decades old and way too small.

'That area was developed many years ago, prior to the current drainage design standards, so you have pipes that are undersized by today's standards,' said Mitch Theriot, the Jefferson Parish drainage director.

On Tullulah there is a complicating factor. This area is at the far end of the drainage system, meaning water will pool here until areas closer to the pumping station drain.

There is a solution, but it is so expensive they are seeking state help.

'Those smaller drain lines need to be replaced with larger pipe. The estimate that we have today is approximately $3 million,' Theriot said. 'We've applied to the state through the State Capital Outlay Program every year since 2007, and we will continue to do so in the future.

'So far, no luck.'

Theriot said even though he doesn't have the money he needs to replace the drains in this area, for what is here right now, he pledged to make sure it works as efficiently as possible.

'For the time being the things that we can do are clean the existing pipe,' Theriot said.

'We've seen them come and suck the drains out, and the next rain it still floods again,' said Tullulah resident Marlene Riviere.

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