Bradley Handwerger / Sports Reporter
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METAIRIE, La. Ever since the Hall of Fame game kicked off the 2012 preseason, talk has centered on the replacement officials and the missed or bad calls that they have been a part of.

And Wednesday, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees voiced concern about what would happen should the replacement officials stick around for the start of the regular season.

But his concern is less about how the current officials have called the preseason games and more about the institutional knowledge that's lost with the full-time officials sidelined.

'I think it's just the level of experience that the officials have,' Brees said. 'They all become so recognizable. We all have our official reports throughout the week and we know a lot of these crews, many have officiated our games many, many times.'

Still, there is worry that a bad call could cost a game eventually with replacement officials.

'You just don't have the same level of trust and confidence,' Brees said. 'There is always that possibility (that it might cost us a game), but we are going to worry about things that we can control and that's playing football and trying not to give them a reason to make it close.'

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