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NEW ORLEANS -- While most of us are cleaning up and dealing with insurance adjusters after Hurricane Isaac, one local family found out it has a much more serious problem to cope with.

A family now is spending much of its time at Children's Hospital and says losing a home is the least of their worries.

The very day the Isaac flood waters filled their home in Lafitte, the Adam family got devastating news. It made storm losses almost seem insignificant.

'You just wonder why it happens. Wish you could just take it away. There's nothing you can do about it,' said Gloria Adam, 24, who is Faith's Mother.

Gloria and Jeremy Adam only in their mid 20s, now face daily treatments needed to save their 2-year-old Faith, who has a type of nervous system cancer, while rebuilding their home and setting up a new one in a rental.

'It's like a nightmare. You can't wake up from, you know. Two weeks ago, two and a half weeks ago, my life was fine. I still have a beautiful family and it's just like somebody grab you by your feet and hang by your head, hang you upside down and you can't get up. You can't wake up,' said Jeremy Adam, 26, Faith's Father.

Faith's neuroblastoma tumor is larger than a grapefruit in her abdomen. Pushing on her liver made her skin and eyes yellow. By that time, it had already spread.

But with many rounds of chemotherapy, surgery to remove the tumor, radiation and a new type of antibody treatment, survival is 70 to 75 percent. Medicine has not yet figured out why this common solid tumor happens in children, even in newborns.

'At some point, there was just a change or mutation in that nervous system and it continued to grow those group of cells, continued to grow, and didn't stop and became abnormal,' said Dr. Cori Morrison, of LSU Health Sciences Center who practices Pediatric Oncology at Children's Hospital.

Her mother has never left her side, not even to go home to see if Isaac left her with anything.

You can help the Adam family by donating at any Capital One Bank branch to the 'Faith Lee Adam Donation Account.'

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