Good day, Who Dats and the EOSB legion.

It's time again for that one thing I know you all can't wait for each week. In fact, you probably wake up early on Friday morning's because you know it's coming.

View from the Other Side is back and this week, we welcome in Adam Teicher (Twitter: @adamteicher), who covers the Chiefs for the Kansas City Star. Teicher has covered the Chiefs since 1993, or the last time Kansas City won a playoff game. He graduated from Michigan State.

Please give your undivided attention to Joe, who was kind enough to answer questions this week. Crennel picked up the job as Kansas City Chiefs head coach after going through the interim process last year. We know they're only 0-2 and it's early, but are the Chiefs regretting the decision or will he get time to turn everything around?

Adam Teicher: 'He'll get time to turn things around but things have been so bad for the Chiefs that you have to wonder whether they'll get that done. There's really no excuse for how poorly they've played in these two games. There's a huge disconnect between the number of skilled players they have and the results on the field. There's just no reason for it. So I suspect the Chiefs will figure things out at some point but it's impossible to say when that will be.' Saints have had issues stopping the run in the first two weeks. They've also had issues stopping the pass. The Chiefs, meanwhile, have the top offense in the AFC yardage-wise. What specifically is the team's strength on offense? Is it Matt Cassel or the run game?

AT: 'The Chiefs are top five right now in rushing and they should be able to maintain that standing through the season. The problem is that they've fallen behind early in the two games and that's reduced the usefulness of the running game. The Chiefs haven't led at all this season, so opponents haven't had to worry about the running game. The best chance for the Chiefs against the Saints is to get a lead. That will force New Orleans to honor their entire playbook and not be able to play just the pass.' used a 3-4 defensive scheme to flummox the Saints in the season opener, with Jim Haslett calling sometimes exotic blitzes to slow down Drew Brees. Kansas City, similarly, uses a 3-4 base D. Can the Saints expect heavy blitzing - a la Washington - or is Kansas City's defensive DNA less about blitzing?

AT: 'They mix things up from week to week depending on strengths and weaknesses of their opponents and what matchups they try to exploit and stay away from. Sometimes they'll try to pressure the QB and sometimes they'll play more coverage. But they have trouble generating much of a consistent pass rush without blitzing so if they intend to get after Drew Brees as opposed to backing off into coverage, they'll need to blitz a lot.' Bowe is an LSU guy, one New Orleanians are very familiar with. He has had a big first two weeks. Has he turned into Cassel's go-to receiver? How high can his ceiling be in Kansas City?

AT: 'Bowe has a lot of ability but he's been inconsistent and that's what keeps him from being one of the elite receivers. He's Kansas City's best and most dangerous receiver and Matt Cassel seems to have a comfort level in throwing to him that he doesn't have with any other receiver. It's impossible for me to see the Chiefs beating the Saints without getting some production from Bowe.' What's the mood in Kansas City surrounding the Chiefs these days? How much are fans starving for a consistent winner?

AT: 'The fans right now are as angry with the Chiefs as I've ever seen. It's to the point where the franchise might have reached a tipping point. Fans have stuck with the Chiefs through some mostly lousy football the last 5-6 years but if the team doesn't turn things around soon, I could see fans deserting them in big numbers. This team was supposed to compete for a division title and maybe even go deep in the playoffs but obviously they're not playing anywhere close to that level.'

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