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NEW ORLEANS - Lingering questions about the death of a local actor are prompting loved ones to speak out.

Michael Showers is the actor on the HBO show 'Treme' who drowned in the Mississippi River last year. And his girlfriend says she's increasingly frustrated with the NOPD's investigation.

Melinda Carlos spoke exclusively with Eyewitness News

'I don't know where to turn,' said Carlos. 'I don't know where to go.'

Ever since August 23, 2011, Carlos daily life has become a frustrating search for answers. That's the last day her live-in boyfriend was seen alive.

'It's changed me. It changed how I feel about my loved ones, my friends. It made me realize they don't always come home,' said Carlos.

But the tragedy has become even more difficult, Carlos said, as she wonders whether New Orleans police have done enough.

She said detectives never came to the Chalmette home she shared with Showers, and didn't reach out to her until a month after his death. Both she and Showers' brother say they weren't notified when the coroner classified Showers' death as an accidental drowning in the months after his body was found. And their phone calls haven't been returned for months.

'Trying to understand what happened, trying to come to terms with it, and the people who are responsible for telling you, for finding out and telling you, won't return phone calls, won't return emails. Brush us off,' said Carlos.

More than a year after showers' death, the Riverfront near the French Quarter is back to normal. But Carlos said her life will never be back to normal until she knows exactly how Showers got into the river in the first place.

Right now NOPD said they don't have the surveillance video or the witnesses to trace his steps directly to the river.

'There are just so many questions. And until we get some of these questions answered, there's no closure. It's just, he's gone, and we don't know why,' said Carlos.

NOPD detectives did interview a number of Showers' friends. And they tried to gather surveillance video throughout the French Quarter, although most buildings in the area where Showers was last seen didn't have working cameras. They obtained a video from Club 544 on Bourbon Street, one of the last places Showers was seen alive.

But the last known man to see Showers was interviewed by investigators in St. Bernard Parish, where the actor was first reported missing. NOPD said they did, however, look over the interview tapes.

'At first it made me angry, frustrated. And now it's just, lost. Dismayed,' said Carlos. 'I have no faith in the NOPD. None.'

In a statement, NOPD spokeswoman Remi Braden said, 'NOPD detectives spent a great amount of time on this case collecting evidence, conducting multiple interviews, and obtaining and reviewing surveillance videos that showed Mr. Showers the night of his death. After thorough investigation, detectives determined there was no foul play involved. This conclusion agreed with the coroner's findings. We do sympathize with the family over their loss.'

Meanwhile, Carlos has more questions than answers as she desperately hopes for closure.

The coroner said Showers' body had no signs of trauma. The NOPD said the case is still open, and police will look into any leads if they receive them.

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