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NEWORLEANS - The Times-Picayune is ending its daily publishing October 1 -- ending a 175-year daily tradition for the company -- and The Advocate is stepping up to fill the void.

On Monday, the Baton Rouge paper made a major announcement about its expansion into the New Orleans market.

At Rock N' Bowl, The Advocate's publisher David Manship launched the first New Orleans edition. The Advocate handed out free copies of the paper at all of their point of sale locations, such as drug stores.

People in the 35 zip codes where delivery is available will get some free editions before paid home delivery starts on Oct. 1.

In May, the Times-Picayune decided to end its seven-day a week publication, and switch to a three-day a week printed edition. About 200 members of the Times-Picayune staff were laid off as the paper decided it wanted to focus on the website. Many former Times-Picayune employees who are now Advocate employees were on hand for the first edition announcement.

Following T-P announcement to scale back printing, The Advocate decided they would put out a special New Orleans printed edition of their paper seven days a week.

There will be an eight-member bureau in New Orleans. The location of the bureau as well as the details of the new publishing schedule, which is set to begin Oct. 1, will be released.

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