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BRAITHWAITE, La. -- In the days after her efforts to help those in need were turned upside down, Suzanne Shaffer is seeing an outpouring of generosity.

'We have been having constant deliveries,' said Suzanne Shaffer. 'It really is overwhelming. It's heartwarming to believe and know that we're not forgotten.'

As we showed you a little less than two weeks ago, thieves ransacked this donations center for storm victims in Braithwaite, stealing thousands of dollars worth of supplies.

But Shaffer, who runs the center and who lost her own home due to Isaac's floodwaters, vowed to keep pushing ahead.

Her story struck a chord.

'It's been crazy,' Schaffer said. 'People have been calling from all over the country, actually -- independent groups, non-profits, churches.'

Folks like Marlene Nunez, who want to help Shaffer recoup what was stolen.

'I lost everything in Katrina,' Nunez said. 'My heart goes out to these people. I wish I could give a lot, lot more because I know what it feels like. It's heartbreaking.'

In Braithwaite and other parts of Plaquemines Parish, now weeks after the storm rolling through, entire neighborhoods still sit empty.

The need, volunteers say, is tremendous.

'It makes me feel good because we're helping the community get back what they lost,' said Manny Smith.

Shaffer said, 'There's 450 homes that were destroyed, 2,000 family members are displaced. Our community is scattered everywhere and we're very thankful and grateful that we have so much support.'

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