Houma Courier

HOUMA, La. - The victim and his alleged attacker in a Wednesday afternoon incident gave Terrebonne Parish sheriff's investigators similar accounts of what happened but disagreed about the weapons involved.

Officers found the victim sitting in a lawn chair in front of a Babin Street residence, bleeding from his forehead.He reportedly told them he had been approached by Ashley Williamson, 28, 505 Paris St., Houma, who asked why he had disciplined her child and hit him in the head with a fist-sized ball of coins inside a sock.His injuries reportedly required 10 stitches and resulted in a skull fracture. He told deputies he had Williamson's permission to discipline the child.Williamson, located Thursday at Colonel's Truck Stop, told investigators she heard the victim had beaten her child and confronted him. During the argument when he picked up a brick, she struck him twice in the head with her right hand, on which she wore two large rings, she said.Williamson was jailed on charges of aggravated battery.
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